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Sunday Suspense | Kakababu | Rajbarir Rahasya | Sunil Gangopadhyay – All Parts Together

  • Kakababu – Sankari Prasad Mitra
  • Shontu – Agni
  • Darukeshwar Ojha, Saibal Dutta, Shoshababu – Rajeev Chatterjee
  • Debolina – Mohor
  • Durjodhon – Pushpal
  • Jojo – Atri
  • Manoj – Arijit
  • Pishima – Ivana
  • Taxi Driver – Pranab
  • Teacher – Arunima
  • Adapated, Narrated & Directed by Deep
  • Production, Sound Design & Original Music – Rudrarup Banerjee
  • Poster Design – Join the Dots

Summary of Story: Unraveling the Enigma: “Kakababu | Rajbarir Rahasya” by Sunil Gangopadhyay


“Kakababu | Rajbarir Rahasya” is a gripping tale penned by the renowned Bengali author Sunil Gangopadhyay. The story, which has captivated audiences for years, is now being brought to life on the popular radio show “Sunday Suspense” by Radio Mirchi. In this article, we delve into the essence of the story, its intriguing plot, and the enduring charm of the protagonist, Kakababu.


“Kakababu | Rajbarir Rahasya” follows the adventures of Raja Roy Chowdhury, fondly known as Kakababu, a distinguished wheelchair-bound detective. The story revolves around a mysterious incident at an ancient Rajbari (royal palace). Kakababu, accompanied by his nephew Santu, embarks on a thrilling journey to unravel the secrets concealed within the palace’s walls.

The Plot:

The narrative begins with Kakababu receiving an invitation from an old friend, Rajenbabu, who resides in a secluded Rajbari. Intrigued by the invitation and sensing a hidden mystery, Kakababu sets out with Santu to unveil the secrets haunting the ancestral palace.

Upon their arrival, the duo encounters a series of peculiar events, including unexplained sounds, disappearing objects, and a sense of looming danger. Kakababu’s sharp intellect, astute observations, and unwavering determination guide him through the twists and turns of the palace’s dark history.

As the plot unfolds, Kakababu and Santu delve deeper into the past, unearthing long-buried family secrets and the tragic story of the palace’s former inhabitants. Along the way, they encounter a range of enigmatic characters, each with their own hidden motives and connections to the mysterious occurrences.

With each revelation, Kakababu inches closer to solving the perplexing riddle that surrounds the Rajbari. The climax is an exhilarating culmination of suspense, where Kakababu’s detective skills are put to the ultimate test.

The Enduring Charm of Kakababu:

Sunil Gangopadhyay’s creation, Kakababu, has become an iconic figure in Bengali literature. Despite his physical disability, Kakababu’s indomitable spirit, intellectual prowess, and sharp wit make him an endearing and inspirational character. He serves as a reminder that limitations can be conquered with a determined mind.

The Adaptation on “Sunday Suspense”:

Radio Mirchi’s “Sunday Suspense” program skillfully brings the story of “Kakababu | Rajbarir Rahasya” to life through exceptional voice acting, captivating sound effects, and a haunting musical score. The immersive experience of listening to this masterpiece on the radio amplifies the story’s thrill and suspense, transporting listeners into the realm of Kakababu’s mysterious investigations.


“Kakababu | Rajbarir Rahasya” is a classic tale that blends mystery, adventure, and rich storytelling. Sunil Gangopadhyay’s brilliant narrative, combined with the exceptional adaptation on “Sunday Suspense,” promises to enthrall listeners and reignite their fascination for the enigmatic world of Kakababu. So tune in to Radio Mirchi’s “Sunday Suspense” to embark on a mesmerizing journey alongside Kakababu as he unravels the secrets of “Rajbarir Rahasya.”

(Note: This article is written in an informative manner, without revealing specific details or spoilers that may ruin the suspense and enjoyment for the readers or listeners.)

About Sunday Suspense:

Sunday Suspense is a popular radio program in India that specializes in broadcasting stories of mystery, thriller, and suspense. One of the most captivating stories featured on the show is “Jutoy Rokter Daag,” written by Shahidul Zahir.

The story is set during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, and it revolves around the journey of a young boy named Mahim and his family as they try to escape the violence and brutality of the war. The story is narrated in a haunting and gripping tone that keeps the listeners on the edge of their seats throughout the entire show.

The program features the voice talents of several talented actors, who bring the characters to life with their nuanced and emotive performances. The sound effects and music add to the suspenseful atmosphere of the story, making it an immersive and thrilling experience for the listeners.

“Jutoy Rokter Daag” is a powerful and poignant story that explores the themes of war, violence, and resilience. It highlights the impact of political conflict on ordinary lives and the importance of standing up for justice and human rights.

The story has been adapted into several different mediums, including books, movies, and television shows, but the Sunday Suspense version of the story remains one of the most popular and highly acclaimed adaptations.

Overall, Sunday Suspense’s “Jutoy Rokter Daag” is a gripping and emotionally charged story that showcases the best of Bengali storytelling. It is a testament to the power of the spoken word and the ability of great storytelling to captivate and inspire audiences.

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