Sunday Suspense

Sunday Suspense: The Thrilling Radio Show that Keeps Audiences on Edge

Sunday Suspense is a popular radio show in India that has been entertaining audiences for over a decade. The show is known for its thrilling stories, spine-chilling music, and sound effects that keep listeners hooked. The show first aired on June 28, 2009, on Radio Mirchi Kolkata and has since become a sensation among radio enthusiasts across the country.

Sunday Suspense is a weekly show that airs on Sundays at 12 PM IST. The show is hosted by RJ Mir and RJ Deep, who are known for their excellent storytelling skills. The stories are usually adaptations of popular Bengali and English novels, short stories, and classics. However, the show also features original stories by contemporary writers.

The stories on Sunday Suspense are carefully chosen to cater to the interests of the listeners. The stories range from horror, suspense, crime, and thrillers to historical fiction, drama, and even comedy. Some of the popular stories that have been adapted on the show include “Feluda,” “Byomkesh Bakshi,” “Professor Shonku,” “Satyajit Ray,” and many more.

The sound effects and music on Sunday Suspense are integral to the show’s success. The show’s sound engineers carefully create the sound effects that enhance the listeners’ experience. The music is also chosen to suit the mood of the story. The show’s original music composer, Debojyoti Mishra, is known for his brilliant compositions that perfectly complement the stories.

Sunday Suspense has gained a massive following in India over the years. The show’s popularity has led to several live shows across the country. The show has also inspired a spin-off series called “Kuasha,” which airs on weekdays at 11 PM IST. Kuasha is also a thriller show that features stories from different genres.

Sunday Suspense has won several awards over the years for its excellent storytelling and innovative sound design. The show has been awarded the prestigious ABP Ananda Sera Bangali Award in 2013 and the Indian Radio Forum Award for the Best Radio Program in 2015.

In conclusion, Sunday Suspense is a radio show that has become an institution in India. The show’s thrilling stories, excellent sound effects, and music have made it a favorite among radio enthusiasts across the country. The show’s popularity is a testament to the power of good storytelling and sound design. If you haven’t tuned in to Sunday Suspense yet, you are missing out on a fantastic experience.

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